Scholarships for women, indigenous people, and LGBT+ people

As at Feb 26, 2018 for those studying in Australia. I’ll endeavour to keep this page updated; if you notice it isn’t, I’d super appreciate it if you’d let me know!

Spread the word! Tell your students, friends, colleagues, committees, bosses, Heads of Schools, supervisors, sport teams, neighbours, tutors, and families. And apply, apply, apply! That glass ceiling isn’t going to break itself.

Open for application

The Layne Beachley Foundation has a scholarship program for girls and women 12 years or older who have a dream and need a little support to reach it. Various categories including sport, community, environment, art, and science. Applications close March 31.

Graduate Women Victoria offer a range of scholarships for female students who are studying in Victoria and facing disadvantage/s. They also have a category available for indigenous undergraduates. Applications close March 31 and they are holding information sessions in Parkville, Victoria earlier in March.

The Australian Federation of Graduate Women (AFGW) offer fellowships for postgraduate research, which are currently open for women PhD students other than first year students:

Capstone editing, an academic editing company, also offer a number of scholarships open now. Two of these are for women only:


The Indigenous Scholarships Portal lists scholarships for indigenous Australians. It’s comprehensive and well-designed. These folks have done a great job of collating scholarships available for indigenous people so I won’t re-do their terrific work here.

Travel, Play, Live have a grant for women adventurers, including young girls, women over 50, and those who conduct field work for science. Applications close Feb 28.

The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council awards the Bill Borthwick scholarships for any student conducting research related to public land in Victoria, Australia. Applications due March 2nd.

Re-opening soon

I’d be remiss to leave out Graduate Women International, even though their scholarship round is closed at the moment. Have a look and perhaps make a plan.

Most Australian states have a local Graduate Women chapter with their own scholarships and bursaries. A good place to start is the Australian Federation of Graduate Women.

The Georgina Sweet Fellowship from the Australian Federation of Graduate Women (Next awarded in 2019; Sweet was a Brunswickian zoologist, as are many of my colleagues, who studied at The University of Melbourne. Read more here and check out this awesome throwback photo here.)

The Pinnacle Foundation has a impressive list of scholarships available to LGBT+ students aged 16-24.


Good luck with your applications!


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